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To celebrate the launch of KORG's new digital synth gear (wavestate mkII, wavestate module, opsix mkII, opsix module), we dropped six fresh Soundpacks. Don’t miss the two-week half-price deal on all Soundpacks goodies!

Sale items :
All wavestate Soundpacks and opsix Soundpacks

Sale period :
Japan Standard Time (UTC+9:00) April 1, 2024 14:00 ~ April 15, 2024

*Please contact your local distributor to confirm when the new products will be available in your area.



wavestate Soundpacks

Space Western

USD $25 -->  Sale price USD $12.5
Contents : 25 Performances, 85 Programs, 54 Multisamples

An atmospheric walk through a sandy alien world where conflict is around the corner and you may find yourself swept up in an adventure. A collection of performances and samples inspired by the wild soundtracks featuring aggressive woodwinds, percussion, piano, basses and more. Add unique character to your music and get lost in your exploration.
Produced by Matt Pike

After Hours

USD $25 -->  Sale price USD $12.5
Contents : 32 Performances, 120 Programs, 5 Multisamples

This sound pack is inspired by the house music of the early 90s. It includes a rich variety of organs and pianos that dominated at the time, as well as deep pads, drums, basses, leads, and other sounds. To bring out the best of the new wavestate, 5 sets of multisamples are also included.
Produced by Mark Gijsman

Afro Sonic Kaleidoscope

USD $20 --> Sale price USD $10
Contensts : 30 Performances, 108 Programs

Afro Sonic Kaleidoscope is a sound pack designed with a focus on genres such as Amapiano, Afro Tech, and South African Deep House. It includes classic pads and bass commonly used in Amapiano, but goes further by capturing performances updated with the essence of wavestate's Wave Sequencing 2.0.
Produced by Quarta 330

opsix Soundpacks

String Theory

USD $10 -->  Sale price UDS $5
Contents : 32 Programs

Utilizing the deep synthesis engine of the OPSIX, we proudly present the new String Theory pack. A set of sounds dedicated to the beauty of stringed instruments. From violins and violas, to cello's, complex Karplus Strong pads, to traditional Japanese and various Ethnic Instruments, this pack will inspire and bring out the musician in you.  
Programmed and produced by Mark Gijsman

Neo Grime

USD $10 -->  Sale price USD $5
Contents : 30 Programs, 1 x Ableton Live 11 Session Data

Neo Grime is an emerging genre in the bass music scene since 2015. Leveraging the versatile opsix environment, ranging from FM to additive and subtractive synthesis, this pack features dazzling FM synthesizer leads, destructively detuned bass, high-resolution drum kits and ethereal floating pads. The pack encapsulates the unique and beautiful tones characteristic of Neo Grime, showcasing the artist's expertise in navigating the expansive opsix environment.
Produced by Akihiko Matsumoto


USD $10 -->  Sale price USD $5
Contents : 32 Programs

A tribute to the hard hitting and genre defying beats and bass of artists such as Modeselektor, Siriusmo, Joy Orbison and Moderat. Always ready to get a dancefloor pumping whether it’s with slower hip hop tempo jams or fast techno workouts. This pack has a mix of weird edgy pads, leads and SFX, and of course huge basses.
Produced by Matt Pike

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