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New KRONOS Sound Libraries: Five new libraries, one update, one bundle and seventeen new pricing libraries from Sounds of Planet, KApro, and Soundiron.

Sounds of Planet

  • EXs176

  • EXs110 + EXs111

Sounds of Planet has just released a new EXs sample library and a new bundle package for KRONOS:


Bundle pack:
Pro Earth
“Pro Earth” is a full set that combines two popular sound libraries: EXs110: Protein No.1 and EXs111: Earth.



  • EXs135

  • KRS-31

  • EXs19

  • EXs32

  • EXs33

  • EXs34

  • EXs35

  • EXs36

  • EXs37

  • EXs38

  • EXs48

  • EXs71

  • EXs73

  • EXs88

  • EXs94

  • EXs114

  • EXs117

  • EXs119

  • EXs123


  • EXs195

  • EXs196

Soundiron has just released two new EXs sample libraries for KRONOS.

EXs195 Voice Of Rapture: The Alto - Kronos
EXs196 Voice Of Rapture: The Tenor - Kronos

(The introductory price is only available until January 31, 2017.)

All are available immediately for download and purchase.