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"mimoPop" : A New Expansion Sound Pack with PCM for KORG Module - Hybrid is now available.

KORG Module is a high-quality virtual instrument app for iOS featuring a professional sound library that includes a stunning, high quality piano and a wide range of keyboard sound engines. The latest version is now available with a new expansion sound pack, "mimoPop" featuring sounds inspired by Japanese “Kawaii” Pop Culture.

You can use the expansion pack sounds in the Fairbanks gadget in KORG Gadget 2 and as an AUv3 plugin in DAW software like GarageBand to add more variety to your music production. Enjoy a free seven day trial of “mimoPop”. The free trial is available from the Module series "Store" page.


mimoPop is a voice sound pack for the Hybrid Digital Synthesizer. The sounds are inspired by Japanese “Kawaii” Pop Culture, with sound design by MIMORI from kolme. The pack features the new sample oscillator, with 40 different voice samples and 42 programs, including chorus, shouting, staccato, beat boxing, and more. This is the perfect sound pack to add a touch of “Kawaii” color to dance and pop music.


MIMORI performs in a dance & vocal girls group "kolme", a Japanese creative unit that has been receiving attention from many music influencers. She writes songs and lyrics for the group with her wide variety of creative interests. She plays piano and uses ProTools in her home studio for song writing. A talented artist, MIMORI also does the artwork design of the music works for her group.

Ryuichiro Yamaki

Ryuichiro is the main producer of this sound pack. Japanese R&B genius, Ryuichiro Yamaki produces, composes, arranges and remixes many talented Japanese artists and projects such as Amuro Namie, Airi Suzuki, Tohoshinki to name a few. Ryuichiro is known for his edgy region-defying sound and his own unique groove. This, combined with professional craftsmanship has seen him expanding his talent into many different genres of music. His work is very well-received both in Japan and overseas in major and indie music scenes. He is the vocalist and plays synthesizer in his own project, RYPPHYPE.

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