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New KRONOS Sound Libraries: Nine new libraries and one bundle package from KApro, Kid Nepro, Soundiron and Q Up Arts.


  • Legend

  • Epic Composer Private Collection

KApro has just released two EXs library sets. “Legend” is a drawbar organ library. It contains two EXs titles - 227 and 228 (not available separately). “Epic Composer Private Collection” is a new Premium Class series library. It is a cross-section library from the popular Premium Class orchestra library sets, and consists of four EXs titles - 260, 261, 262 and 263 (not available separately).

KApro Legend (US$199)
EXs227 KApro Legend part 1
EXs228 KApro Legend part 2

KApro Epic Composer Private Collection (US$399)
EXs260 KApro Epic Composer Private Collection part 1
EXs261 KApro Epic Composer Private Collection part 2
EXs262 KApro Epic Composer Private Collection part 3
EXs263 KApro Epic Composer Private Collection part 4

Kid Nepro

  • KRS-89

Kid Nepro has just released a new KRS library for KRONOS.

KRS-89 Classic Rock (US$39)


  • EXs205

  • Special Bundle Package

Soundiron has just released a new EXs sample library and a special value bundle package for KRONOS:

EXs205 Lakeside Pipe Organ (normally US$49, introductory price of US$29)

Special bundle package for 16 Soundiron titles : (normally US$349, introductory price of US$249)

Soundiron is a leading developer of professional virtual instruments and sample libraries, covering a broad range of instruments and genres. Soundiron instruments are made with the utmost precision and care, providing you with world-class audio quality, intuitive functionality, unique creative style and unbeatable value.

EXs190 Olympus Choir
EXs191 Voice Of Gaia: Francesca
EXs192 Voice of Rapture: The Soprano
EXs193 Voice of Gaia: Strawberry
EXs194 Voice of Rapture: The Bass
EXs195 Voice of Rapture: The Alto
EXs196 Voice of Rapture: The Tenor
EXs197 Voice of Gaia: Bryn
EXs198 Voices of Rage
EXs199 Ambius 1 Transmissions
EXs200 Ambius 2 Systematik
EXs201 Questionably Barbershop
EXs202 The Beat Boxer
EXs203 The Tuned & Tonal Percussion Collection
EXs204 Ambius 3 Expanse
EXs205 Lakeside Pipe Organ

This expansive collection includes 16 complete instrument and vocal libraries with nearly 20 GB of content, including a full symphonic men's and women's choir, a broad selection of multi-sampled tuned percussion and plucked string instruments, a pipe organ, 3 expertly sound-designed atmospheric synth collections, 4 operatic solo vocalists, 3 eclectic pop and indie vocalists, 4 metal vocalists, a barbershop quartet and a beat boxer vocal percussion kit. (The introductory price is only available until 11:59pm January 31st 2018, US EST - Eastern Standard Time)

Q Up Arts

  • EXs234

  • EXs235

  • EXs236

  • EXs237

  • EXs238

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