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New KRONOS Sound Libraries: one title from KApro, one title from Kelfar, and three free libraries from Purgatory Creek

KApro and Kelfar Technologies have just released two new unique EXs libraries: EXs124 KApro Famous String Ensemble and EXs96 Kelfar Monomusica.
A new sound developer - Purgatory Creek Soundware - has also released 3 special free titles. Hundreds of megabytes of vintages electric-pianos and clavinet sounds - absolutely free!

All are available immediately for download and purchase at the Korg Sound Libraries shop.
  • EXs124 KApro Famous String Ensemble: $29

  • EXs96 Kelfar Monomusica: $99.99

  • EXs40 PCreek Mark I - 1970: $0

  • EXs41 PCreek Mark V - 1984: $0

  • EXs42 PCreek Clavinet D6: $0





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