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KRONOS Sound Libraries: Nuovi prezzi per le librerie KApro.

KApro has developed a stunning number of well-received sound libraries for the KRONOS. Today, KApro is pleased to announce new pricing for their some EXs and KRS titles and bundle packages.

About KApro:
KApro has been a provider of premium sounds for flagship hardware synthesizers and workstations like the KORG KRONOS. KApro have been renowned for excelling in symphonic and orchestral sample based libraries.

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KApro Premium Class:
EXs220 KApro Epic Monumental Choir  USD 149 (USD 199)
EXs222 KApro Epic Composer 5th Element  USD 199 (USD 299)
EXs223-226 KApro Epic Composer Animated Orchestra  USD 249 (USD 399)

EXs30 Klavier USD 49 (USD 99)
EXs39 KApro Symphonic Dreams 1 Plucked Strings & Mallets  USD 99 (USD 149)
EXs45 KApro Symphonic Dreams 2 Orchestra & Strings  USD 129 (USD 249)
EXs46 KApro Symphonic Dreams 3 Orchestra & Strings Extension  USD 129 (USD 249)
EXs47 KApro Symphonic Dreams 4 Epic Choirs, Drums & Textures  USD 129 (USD 249)
EXs71 East German Grand  USD 19 (USD 49)
EXs73 Analog Dreams  USD 49 (USD 99)
EXs78 Dynosaur 1  USD 49 (USD 99)
Exs98 KAproTRON Orchestral  USD 49 (USD 99)
EXs99 KAproTRON Rhythms & SFX  USD 49 (USD 99)
EXs118 Istanbul Strings  USD 99 (USD 199)
EXs139 Supreme Sax  USD 49 (USD 99)
EXs227-228 Legend  USD 99 (USD 199)
EXs264-267 KAproTron Complete  USD 149 (USD 349)
KRS72 MOD-7 Dreams  USD 29 (USD 49)

Bundle pack:
KApro Symphonic Dreams Complete 4 Private Collection  USD 199 (USD 299)
KApro EXs Sample Library Bundle Vol. 1 "Symphonic Dreams Bundle"  USD 199 (USD 349)
KApro EXs Sample Library Bundle Vol. 2 “Symphonic Dreams Complete 4”  USD 399 (USD 799)
KApro EXs Sample Library Bundle Vol. 3 “Symphonic Dreams 3-4”  USD 229 (USD 450)

Tutti sono immediatamente disponibili per il download e l'acquisto.

Download KApro Premium Class
Download KApro and Bundle pack


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