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iAudioGate for iPhone: version 4.0, available February 20. - supports “PrimeSeat” high-resolution streaming playback.

"PrimeSeat" which is the high-res streaming service from IIJ (Internet Initiative Japan), provides a high-quality sound source for live, on demand and Internet radio formats. The world’s finest Hi-Res music player iAudioGate will be updated to v4.0 on February 20 and supports the hi-res streaming playback format provided free of charge from PrimeSeat with PCM audio available from 48kHz/24bit up to DSD 11.2MHz/1bit! iAudioGate v4.0 is the world's first iOS application compatible with DSD live streaming playback.

Using a DSD compatible USB DAC (Digital to Analog Converter), iAudioGate supports DSD native streaming playback. In addition, even when used without a DAC, iAudioGate v4.0 can stream playback while converting in real time according to the sampling frequency of your device, so regardless of whether you use a DAC or not you can enjoy high resolution streaming playback.

In addition, for a limited time until February 26, a special sale is underway. This is a great opportunity for you to experience iAudioGate. *Customers who use the current version of iAudioGate will be offered free updates to v4.0.

We hope you enjoy the continually improving iAudioGate, the world’s finest Hi-Res music player!

Main features of v4.0.0 update
- Added PrimeSeat to music distribution service view. PrimeSeat hi-res streaming playback is now supported. Enjoy DSD streaming playback in your mobile device.
- Supports refreshing songlist of each distribution service view by swiping down.
- Support for iOS 8 has been terminated. (The current version v3.5.1 will be the last version of supporting iOS 8.)

Sale overview
Regular Price: $14.99 -> Special Price: $9.99
Sale period: February 9, 2018 (Friday) - March 5, 2018 (Monday)


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