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Now Available! New KRONOS System Version 3.0.4 and fifteen new Sound Libraries: nine from Purgatory Creek Soundware including two collaborations with Acousticsamples, three from Bolder Sounds, and three from KApro.

KRONOS System Version 3.0.4

KRONOS software version 3.0.4 includes various improvements and resolutions of a few specific operational issues.
We recommend that all KRONOS, KRONOS X and new KRONOS users update to version 3.0.4. This update may be installed on any KRONOS, regardless of the currently installed system version; it is not necessary to install intermediate upgrades first.

Note: When installing EXs libraries numbered 125 or higher, such as the new titles from Purgatory Creek, Bolder and KApro, System Version 3.0.4 or later is required.

Purgatory Creek Soundware

Purgatory Creek Soundware has just released nine new vintage keyboards libraries, including two collaborations with Acousticsamples, and two bundle packages.

EXs140 Purgatory Creek Mark I - 1975
EXs141 Purgatory Creek Mark II - 1980
EXs142 Purgatory Creek Mark II - 1984
EXs143 Purgatory Creek CP-70b
EXs144 Purgatory Creek Reed EPs
EXs145 Purgatory Creek Clavinet C
EXs146 Purgatory Creek Reed EP 140b
EXs147 Acousticsamples C7 Grand Close
EXs148 Acousticsamples C7 Grand Player

Bundle Package:
Purgatory Creek Soundware Bundle Pack Vol. 1
Purgatory Creek Soundware Bundle Pack Vol. 2

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Acousticsamples is world renowned for their beautiful, highly detailed software-based sample libraries. Now, Purgatory Creek Soundware has teamed with Acousticsamples to provide a selection of their extensive product line in Korg Kronos format. The first offering is the meticulously sampled C7 Grand piano, available in both close and player microphone positions.


Bolder Sounds

Bolder Sounds has just released three new Dulcimer libraries and one bundle package.

EXs160 Bolder Cimbalom
EXs161 Bolder Concert Grand Hammered Dulcimer
EXs162 Bolder Hammered Dulcimer

Bundle Package:
Dulcimer Trilogy Bundle Package

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KApro has just released three new EXs sample libraries.

EXs127 KApro Legacy 16 Bit Classics Vol.1
EXs128 KApro Legacy 16 Bit Classics Vol.2
EXs129 KApro Erhu

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All are available immediately for download and purchase.
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