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Updates - AudioGate v3.0.3 and DS-DAC Driver software v1.0.7 (beta) for the Mac OS

KORG has now released AudioGate v3.0.3 and DS-DAC Driver software v1.0.7 (beta) for Mac OS.
Now AudioGate and the DS-DAC Driver can be used with Macs using the Haswell family CPU.
We apologize that it took so long to provide this version to users.

As previously announced, we are collaborating on a special DSD live streaming project. You can listen to a great performance that will be live streamed in high res DSD.
The first concert is scheduled for April 5th and is "Tokyo-HARUSAI Marathon Concert vol.5 ", and the 2nd concert will be by the legendary Berliner Philharmoniker on April 11th.
If you are running the new Macs, make sure you get the updates to AudioGate and DS-DAC to be able to enjoy these live streaming events.

To download AudioGate and the DS-DAC Setup, please visit here.

More information about DSD LIVE streaming can be found here.

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