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KORG ELECTRIBE Wave has undergone a major update. The latest version 2 is now available providing sample import and compatibility with Ableton Live Project. Limited time sale now on!

KORG ELECTRIBE WAVE, equipped with powerful wavetable sound to help produce state-of-the-art dance music, has undergone a major update. We present the new version 2, which is compatible with drum sample import, Ableton Live Project, and offers two types of expansion packs (in-app purchase content). Version 2 of KORG ELECTRIBE WAVE represents the continued evolution of fast sound creation made possible by our graphical interface, which uses Wavetable’s innovative and exciting sounds.

In addition, we have made available a free sample pack which includes a large number of carefully curated sounds from the past ELECTRIBE series, M01, DONCAMATIC, and more.

*Contents can be downloaded for free from the User Sample Import screen.

Features the popular drum sample import compatibility. Includes expansion packs.

ELECTRIBE Wave Version 2 features long-awaited drum sample import compatibility. Now you can use your favorite sounds. In addition, we have added two expansion packs as in-app purchases. Each contains 30 wavetables, 55 programs, and 16 patterns. These new sounds will immediately become powerful assets that will increase your track making abilities.

Solid Waves
30 Wavetables, 55 Programs, 16 Patterns

Solid Waves for ELECTRIBE Wave is based on entirely new wavetables and presets, designed by synthesizer expert Francis Preve. These sounds emphasize rough, intense character that includes motion elements, strong basses, with unique pads and leads. These sounds and patterns are perfect for progressive and techno with a distinctive edge.

Atmospheric Waves
30 Wavetables, 55 Programs, 16 Patterns

Atmospheric Waves for ELECTRIBE Wave features all original wavetables and presets, with a vintage digital flavor. Designed by synthesizer expert Francis Preve, the sounds include ethereal pads and animated textures, with crystalline leads and plucks that work well in ambient, indie, and chillout tracks, as well as soundtrack and film.

Version 2 - New Features

- Now supports user sample import for drum parts.
- Added exclusive group selection for drum parts.
- Free drum sample packs are available.
- Now supports Ableton Live Project Export.
- Added Audio bounce format selector.
- Added "Pattern play mode" that enables you to change patterns in 3 ways.
- Other improvements and bug-fixes.
- New expansion pack "Solid Waves" is available*.
- New expansion pack "Atmospheric Waves" is available*.

* Offered as in-app purchases.

KORG Music Production App: Right now there is a “Black Friday” sale with up to 50% OFF. KORG ELECTRIBE WAVE and expansion packs (in-app purchase content) are also eligible. Sale lasts until December 3, 2018. Don’t miss this opportunity!


Regular Price $29.99 Special Price US$19.99 (33% OFF)


Additional items for in-app purchase are also offered at discounted prices.
- Solid Waves
   Regular Price $4.99  ->    Special Price US$2.99 (40% OFF)
- Atmospheric Waves
   Regular Price $4.99  ->    Special Price US$2.99 (40% OFF)


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