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"Plucks and Mallets" : A New Expansion Sound Pack with PCM for KORG Module - Hybrid is now available.

KORG Module is a high-quality virtual instrument app for iOS featuring a professional sound library that includes a stunning, high quality piano and a wide range of keyboard sound engines. The latest version is now available with a new expansion sound pack, "Plucks and Mallets".

You can use the expansion pack sounds in the Fairbanks gadget in KORG Gadget 2 and as an AUv3 plugin in DAW software like GarageBand to add more variety to your music production. Enjoy a free seven day trial of “Plucks and Mallets”. The free trial is available from the Module series "Store" page.

Plucks and Mallets

This pack contains sounds that emulate the sounds of high quality plucked or struck strings, as well as mallet sounds played by striking a wooden or metal bar. There are 30 programs, including PCM tones that seem to evolve with your playing, FM percussion, tones with exquisite sound changes during release, and mysterious PCM tones that are not normal instrumental sounds. These programs cover a diverse range of sounds and can be used in a variety of ways, for example a quick and exciting way to grab the listener's attention during a break in a song, create excitement with some impactful bass sounds or even as an introduction to create a mysterious mood.


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