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New KRONOS Sound Libraries: one new library from Sounds of Planet, one new library from KApro.

Sounds of Planet

EXs177 Saxophones: $128

Sounds of Planet prepared the sound library EXs 177 Saxophones.

This is the library, which offers the highest quality samples of extraordinary instruments, as the saxophones are, and more :
• alto saxophone - two different instruments were recorded by two various musicians,
• tenor saxophone - two different instruments were recorded by two various musicians,
• soprano saxophone
• baritone saxophone
• trumpet

All samples have been processed in 24-bit technology at 48000 Hz.
Exs 177 Saxophones from Sounds of Planet offers the set of sounds consisting of
• 128 Programs 128
• 32 Wave Sequences 32
• 35 Multisamples 35
• 393 MB RAM
• 73 MB Virtual Memory

Saxophone came into existence in Belgium and its artificer was Antoine Joseph Sax known as Adolphe, who was born era of Napoleon and Beethoven. He was fascinated by the way, in which from ordinary piece of metal the real music is born. He created an instrument, which until today has been fascinating for people and has so irresistible charm. Mr. Sax created the instrument, which allows to freely shape the tone and pitch of the sound, from gentle whisper to loud scream and anything in between. Saxophone combines the best features of orchestral instruments . It has quickly turned out that , that this instrument fits into any kind of music and because of that it has been so popular until now.

Programs of EXs 177 Saxophones require the factory preload sounds.


KRS-37 Ambient EXi Dream Pads: $99

Recently, the term "epic" has been extended to numerous art forms, most notably cinematography and music, as long as the performance is heroic, grand, and epic in breadth, just as we know it from epic poetry. Numerous "block buster" films fall into the genre of epic film art, and the associated film music is considered equally epic.

It is KApro's wish to bring the definitive sound collection for the composition and performance of epic film music in "Hollywood wide format" onto the KORG KRONOS, a goal that is close to our hearts.

Our brand-new KRS-37 "Ambient EXi Dream Pads" Sound Library brings synthetic sounds of gripping blockbuster drama without having to rely on new samples, based instead on the five KRONOS synthesis engines AL-1, STR-1, PolysixEX, MS-20EX and MOD-7.

All programs of the KRS-37 "Ambient EXi Dream Pads" Sound Library are ready to use and designed to produce musical sketches and compositions instantly without any lengthy variation. If you are a composer who wants to be different from the others, then our KRS-37 "Ambient EXi Dream Pads" Sound Library deserves your attention.

The KApro KRS-37 "Ambient EXi Dream Pads" Sound Library offers a sound set of
• 64 programs in the bank U-G
for the KORG KRONOS.

Catch the KApro spirit with the KApro KRS-37 "Ambient EXi Dream Pads" Sound Library, an absolute MUST HAVE for every KRONOS user!

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