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Latest update release adds three sound libraries from SCARBEE and KApro to the KORG Module!

We have released an update that adds three new expansion/sound libraries, "SCARBEE - Classic EP - 88 M", "KApro - Orchestral Dreams", and "KApro - Dreamy Synths" to the high-definition mobile sound generation application, "KORG Module". It is now possible to play an even wider range of high-quality sounds on a mobile device. You can also use it with music production app KORG Gadget for iOS.

Classic EP-88M

SCARBEE, one of the world's leading sound developer, has teamed up with KORG to faithfully recreate a mobile version of their latest and the best electric piano instrument: "Classic EP-88S".
"Passionately sampled 88 key electric piano from the mid 70's - designed and programmed to deliver true, soulful and inspiring authenticity. We wanted to have the very best possible sustain on each key, perfect balance of tone, crystal clear bell brilliance and plenty of bark too. There are multiple levels of velocity layers with nice dynamic range from soft to strong notes and plenty off FX presets.

Orchestral Dreams

With the brand-new “KApro Orchestral Dreams” Library, KApro offers a selection of orchestral, epic sounds in stunning quality for KORG MODULE. You will find numerous tutti and staccato orchestras as well as string ensembles of various sizes. In addition, there are wonderful solo cello, concert organs, symphonic choirs and epic drums.

Dreamy Synths

The brand-new “KApro Dreamy Synths” Library brings you breathtaking, powerful and lively synthesizer sounds of three essential categories, namely
- numerous synthetic string, brass, and pad sounds associated with a famous polyphonic analogue synth that has made appearances on countless music productions since the mid-1970's
- moving digital soundscapes and drones, produced by partly unaffordable digital synthesizers, and
- analogue and digital effect sounds as well as computerized voice effects.

KORG Module version 2.6 New Functions
- Expansion Sound Library 「SCARBEE - Classic EP-88M」 added*
- Expansion Sound Library 「KApro - Orchestral Dreams」 added*
- Expansion Sound Library 「KApro - Dreamy Synths」 added*
- Improved performance for the main unit.
- Improved unnatural sound cut-offs during playback.
- Numerous additional bug fixes and improvements.

* Available from in-app purchases.


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