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NAUTILUS/KRONOS Sound Libraries: New/Update libraries from A2D, KORG, KApro, Kelfar and Kid Nepro

A2D Sounds

A new sound developer “A2D Sounds” has released 4 new EXs libraries for NAUTILUS/KRONOS.


EXs330 A2D King of Polysynths
(USD $49.00)

Approximately 1.4MB of PCM samples (Required approximately 1MB of the “virtual RAM”), 37 Mono Multisamples, 64 Programs, 16 Combinations, 16 Wave Sequences
This title is based on a very famous polyphonic synthesizer from the late 70s.

EXs331 A2D El Grande
(USD $49.00)

Approximately 167MB of PCM samples (Required approximately 6.9MB of the “virtual RAM”), 7 Mono Multisamples, 14 Programs
This title includes a very famous electric grand piano from the late 70s.

EXs332 A2D Polyphonic Megami
(USD $49.00)

Approximately 6.3MB of PCM samples (Required approximately 4.1MB of the “virtual RAM”), 13 Stereo Multisamples, 32 Mono Multisamples, 64 Programs, 16 Combinations, 7 Wave Sequences
This title is based on a very popular polyphonic synthesizer from the early 80s.

EXs333 A2D Japanese Electric Piano
(USD $39.00)

Approximately 36MB of PCM samples (Required approximately 4MB of the “virtual RAM”), 4 Mono Multisamples, 9 Programs
This title reproduces a rare electric piano providing users with some unique electric piano sounds.

A2D Sounds

A2D Sounds was founded by Michael Geyre with the aim of producing premium quality sound banks. Our goal is to make lively sounds that are as inspiring and musical as possible. These sounds boast excellent memory optimization.


KORG has released 1 new EXs library for NAUTILUS/KRONOS.


EXs323 Erhu -Traditional Chinese Violins-
(USD $99.00)

Approximately 133MB of PCM samples (Required approximately 32MB of the “virtual RAM”), 4 Stereo Multisamples, 21 Mono Multisamples, 128 Programs, 32 Wave Sequences
In this EXs323, a special editing technique was applied to the PCM, and the sound programming was done using a special system involving Crossfade and Wave Sequences. This process allows for extraordinary smooth (stepless) velocity transitions and natural strength/weakness control, new legato playability and round robin sounding. EXs323 provides the greater realism and the new performance expression to your NAUTILUS/KRONOS.




KApro has released 1 new KRS library for NAUTILUS/KRONOS.


KRS39 KApro’s Supertines
(USD $19.90)

36 Programs
This title was created with a focus on the electric pianos that dominated the music scene in the 1960s, 1970s, 1980s and 1990s: reed-based electric pianos, tine-based electric pianos, and electric pianos with FM synthesis.

Kelfar Technologies

Kelfar has released 2 updated EXs libraries for NAUTILUS/KRONOS.
*For updated products, those who already own these products can update them free of charge.


EXs188 Kelfar Expressive Strings
(USD $199.99)

Approximately 1.6GB of PCM samples (Required approximately 183MB of the “virtual RAM”), 50 Stereo Multisamples, 100 Mono Multisamples, 46 Programs, 64 Combinations, 44 Wave Sequences, 1 Drum Kit
This sound library reproduces the smooth and expressive sound of a string section with dedication to legato, articulation, and round robin sample selection.

EXs189 Kelfar DynaSax
(USD $99.99)

Approximately 754MB of PCM samples (Required approximately 166MB of the “virtual RAM”), 13 Stereo Multi-samples, 68 Mono Multi-samples, 118 Programs, 64 Combis, 22 Wave sequences.
This library offers various saxes with standard articulations and a legato feature realized with cross-fade by wave sequencing. Many of the sounds use a round-robin technique and carefully treated controller assignment. This library will surely bring new saxophone elements to your NAUTILUS / KRONOS and enhance your musical performances.

Kid Nepro

Kid Nepro has released 3 updated EXs/KRS libraries for NAUTILUS.
*For updated products, those who already own these products can update them free of charge.


EXs83 Kid Nepro Electric Guitars
(USD $69.00)

Approximately 111MB of PCM samples (Requires approximately 14MB of virtual memory), 45 Mono Multisamples, 32 Programs, 24 Combinations, 32 Drum Track Patterns (16 Guitar Loops)
This title includes clean guitars and harmonics for that light rock or funk track, or full blown distorted or overdrive power leads and feedback that are perfect for hard rock or metal tracks.

EXs181 Vintage Synths V3 - Midi Mix
(USD $69.00)

Approximately 281MB of PCM samples (Requires approximately 39MB of virtual memory), 49 Mono Multisamples, 64 Programs, 16 Combinations
EXs181 - Vintage Synths V3 - Midi Mix contains samples from over twenty of the best synthesizers released over the past three decades. All sounds are sampled from our custom made sound libraries and then layered together to create totally unique textures.

KRS80 Kid Nepro KRONOS Soundtrack
(USD $39.00)

64 Programs, 32 Combinations
KRS-80 includes a great mix of fully Arpeggiated Programs & Combis perfect for your next TV, video game, film project or for composers scoring modern classical music.

#Conversion of KRONOS Sound Libraries for the NAUTILUS

Some converted libraries may also require some or all of NAUTILUS EXs315 through 320. Please refer to the "NAUTILUS Sound Library List" for full details and requirements ( NAUTILUS Sound Library List ).
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