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NAUTILUS/KRONOS Sound Libraries: New libraries from KORG and Sounds of Planet

KORG has released 1 new KRS library for NAUTILUS/KRONOS.


KRS09 Summer - 2023
(USD $10.00)

13 Programs, 11 Combinations
KRS09 is a new title focusing on some of the sounds we associate with summer, with a focus on some sounds that are part of the "current" Summer season.

Sounds of Planet
Sounds of Planet has released 1 new KRS library for NAUTILUS.


KRS114 Hypnosis
(USD $19.00)

32 Combinations
KRS114 is a great blend of new Combi sets covering a wide range of styles: Ambient, Dance, Techno, Trance, Pop, Rock which will ensure many hours of high level performance as well as really great fun with your NAUTILUS.

#Conversion of KRONOS Sound Libraries for the NAUTILUS

Some converted libraries may also require some or all of NAUTILUS EXs315 through 320. Please refer to the "NAUTILUS Sound Library List" for full details and requirements ( https://storage.korg.com/korgms/sound_libraries/Kronos_Nautilus/NAUTILUS_Sound_Library_List.pdf).

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