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New KRONOS Sound Libraries: new "Premium Class series" libraries from KApro, one updated library from Kelfar, and the special sale from Sounds of Planet.


  • Epic Composer

  • EXs220

KApro has just released their two new KApro Premium Class libraries, “Epic Composer” and “Epic Monumental Choir”. The “Epic Composer” is the world's most composer-friendly and most playable orchestra library. It consists of four EXs titles - 131, 132, 133 and 134. The “Epic Monumental Choir” is an epic choir collection that is ideal for music composition and live music performance.

• KApro Epic Composer
EXs131 KApro Epic Composer part 1
EXs132 KApro Epic Composer part 2
EXs133 KApro Epic Composer part 3
EXs134 KApro Epic Composer part 4

• EXs220 KApro Epic Monumental Choir


  • EXs170

Kelfar Technologies has just updated the EXs170 “Maestro” sample library. This update includes revised programs and multi-samples. To update a previous installation, simply download the new EXs data and re-install as you would normally. Existing authorization codes will continue to be valid.

• EXs170 Kelfar Maestro

Sounds of Planet celebrates its 5th anniversary!

During that time, a dozen or so sound libraries for Korg Kronos have been created: they include programs with samples and combis – which perfectly complement the potential of this remarkable instrument. Due to that unique occasion, Sounds of Planet has prepared very special offer – discount up to 50% for all Sounds of Planet products offered in Korg’s shop. Please note though – this offer is valid until 31-03-2017. Celebrate together with Sounds of Planet !


Sale Period
Starts 0:00am Mar.1st 2017 – Ends 11:59pm Mar.31th 2017 (US EST - Eastern Standard Time)

All are available immediately for download and purchase.

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