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The AudioGate 3 Player is now available for free download.

The AudioGate 3 High Definition Audio Player Software is the core of Korg's HD audio playback solution. Now AudioGate 3 Player is available for free download.

The AudioGate 3 Player software has limited functionality compared to the full version of AudioGate 3, as it contains only a portion of the playback functions.
There are no editing features such as Export, Disc burning, addition/reading of Marks, Gain adjustment, Divide/Combine, etc.
If you need to use functions such as file editing, please keep using AudioGate v.2.3.3 until version 3 is completed and available for download.

DS-DAC & MR-Series users should download the full version but you can only use the lite version unless you have a Korg MR series or DS-DAC product.

Visit here for the download.

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