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KRONOS Sound Libraries: Three new libraries and one update library are released.

Kelfar Technologies has released a new EXs library.

EXs186 Kelfar Vintage Organs & Synths
(USD $99.99)

Contents: 64 Combinations, 64 Programs, 25 Multi samples, Approximately 200MB PCM samples (needs approximately 35 MB of Virtual Memory), 2 KARMA GEs
This library includes the keyboards sounds found in “Franco-Arab Music” which were popular in the 50’s ~ 70’s across the Middle East Asia, especially following vintage instruments and vintage synthesizers used in the music.

K-Sounds has released a new KRS library.

KRS-86 Live Worship
(USD $50.00)

Contents: 28 Combinations, 132 Programs, 7 Wave Sequences
K-Sounds presents Live Worship, a sound bank designed for the Korg Kronos and focused on sounds essential to keyboard players in worship services.

Sounds of Planet
Sounds of Planet has released a new EXs library.

EXs178 Sounds of Planet Guitar Collection
(USD $99.99)

Contents: 128 Programs, 75 Multi samples, Approximately 590MB PCM samples (needs approximately 47 MB of Virtual Memory)
This library provides a wide variety of Guitars such as Classic Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Jazz Guitar, Electric Guitar and Electric Bass.

KApro has released an updated EXs library set: “Concert Grands” with PCM adjustment.

KApro Concert Grands
(USD $29.00)

EXs280 KApro Concert Grands part 1
EXs281 KApro Concert Grands part 2
EXs282 KApro Concert Grands part 3
EXs283 KApro Concert Grands part 4
EXs284 KApro Concert Grands part 5

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