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New KRONOS Sound Libraries from KApro, Kelfar, and Kid Nepro

KApro has just released two new libraries for KRONOS

  • EXs221

  • KRS-34

Kelfar Technologies has just released a new library for KRONOS, with so much data that it’s shipped as two EXs (not available separately)

  • EXs172 & EXs173

Kelfar Kithara: $324.99 ($349.99)
- EXs172 Kithara Vol. 1 - Clean Jazz
- EXs173 Kithara Vol. 2 - Distortion

(The introductory price is only available until 11:59pm September 7th 2017, US EST - Eastern Standard Time)

Kid Nepro has just released a new KRS library for KRONOS, as well as a new bundle

  • KRS-88

  • Vols 1-13 Bundle Pack

KRS-88: Electric Pianos: $25

Vols 1-13 Bundle Pack: $399
Get the complete package of Vintage Synths 1, 2 & 3, Soundtrack Mix, Hit Factory, Sonix Bliss, Dark Energy, Electric Guitars 1 & 2, Wave Machine, Analog Sensation, EXi Super Synths & Electric Pianos at special low pricing.

All are available immediately for download and purchase.
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