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The Dream Collaboration between ‘SEGA’ and ‘TAITO’ becomes reality! Version 3.0 of the KORG Gadget for Nintendo Switch is released with 2 new gadgets.

KORG Gadget for Nintendo Switch is the collaboration of the century between SEGA and Taito! You can now have both the rhythm sound generator gadget ‘Otorii’ (which uses samples of music based on 80s SEGA arcade games) and Synthesizer gadget ‘Ebina’* with sound recorded based on FM sounds. Along with the already implemented Bandai Namco sound system ‘Kamata’, this collaboration will allow for you to experience and enjoy truly inspiring sound.

*1 Available for purchase through the Nintendo eShop from July 11th


Sega Games Co., Ltd.
Sega Interactive Co., Ltd.

We are proud to announce our collaboration with Sega. Concentrating on arcade games that achieved popularity in the 80s, such as Out Run and After Burner, drumming sounds and sound effects have been newly sampled from original equipment. This nostalgic design, inspired by the Genesis and with a 16-bit logo, is a distinctive rhythm sound generator gadget.

Sound effects and drum noises recorded from popular 80s games

Drums, sound effects and voice recordings from 7 popular 80s arcade games including titles such as ‘Outrun’, ‘Space Harrier’, ‘Rent a hero’ from Genesis. It is also possible to edit the pad assignment according to your personal taste, allowing you to create your own drum kit from an assortment of samples from various titles.


Design with motif from Genesis

The Otorii design is nostalgically inspired by the 16-BIT Genesis. Just as you can choose game cassettes, you can also choose sound options from the list, change the cassette display, with a design that allows you enjoy playing as if you are playing a game.


TAITO Corporation / ZUNTATA http://zuntata.jp

This is a synth gadget inspired by the Darius arcade cabinet and its distinctive three-screen design. Synth sounds have been recorded from arcade games such as Darius and The Ninja Warriors. Through collaboration with Taito, we are reproducing FM tone generator sounds (mostly), successfully reproducing sounds of these legendary arcade games.


Revival of the iconic TAITO arcade sounds

Samples of the FM sound have been taken from 6 titles including Darius, Ninja Warriors, Night striker, and the arcade game sound has been revived as best as possible. The Detune and Delay parameters are available by layering multiple FM channels. The detune and delay that is so vital to creating Taito sound can be used easily.


Edit to your own preferences

Filters, LFO’s, and effectors have been installed to make it possible to edit according to your tastes. Not only will you be able to regenerate nostalgic sounds, you will also be able to create your own personal sound.

Designs with motif from arcade machines

The design for Ebina is based on the iconic 3 screen Darius arcade machines. The design of the sound parameter and edit screen have also been inspired by the Darius game screen. The background animation has tried to replicate the difference in sound among other things that make the 3 screens so iconic.

KORG Gadget for Nintendo Switch
Version 3.0 New Features

・Added contents for Otorii / Ebina gadgets*2.
・Can include room comments in internet multiplay.
・Other improvements and bug-fixes.

*2 Available for purchase through the Nintendo eShop from July 11th.

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