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KRONOS/NAUTILUS Sound Libraries: 4 new libraries and 4 update libraries have been released.

KApro has released 4 new EXs libraries, and changed the price on EXs355 and EXs368.


EXs370 KApro Iconic Suite Trailer - Tension & Crime SFX
(USD $29.00)

Approximately 233MB of PCM samples (Required approximately 21MB of virtual memory), 20 Stereo Multisamples, 40 Mono Multisamples, 17 Programs
This Library offers a practical and useable set of movie trailer typical sound effects.

EXs371 KApro Iconic Suite Emotional Film Strings
(USD $29.00)

Approximately 275MB of PCM samples (Required approximately 17MB of virtual memory), 3 Stereo Multisamples, 6 Mono Multisamples, 7 Programs
This Library offers the emotional sound of large slowly playing string ensembles with up to seventy musicians and represents an ideal complement to the KApro Iconic Suite EXs291 "Slow Strings 1" Library and the KApro Iconic Suite EXs366 "Slow Strings 2" Library.

EXs372 KApro Iconic Suite Blockbuster Orchestra
(USD $49.00)

Approximately 868MB of PCM samples (Required approximately 58MB of virtual memory), 14 Stereo Multisamples, 28 Mono Multisamples, 12 Programs
This Library offers the overwhelmingly brilliant blockbuster sound of large symphonic orchestra with up to ninety musicians.

EXs377 KApro Film Atmos & Pads
(USD $49.00)

Approximately 1.1GB of PCM samples (Required approximately 42MB of virtual memory), 63 Stereo Multisamples, 126 Mono Multisamples, 96 Programs
This Library offers a practical and useable set of genre-typical atmos and pad sounds.

Also, the following titles have been changed the price.
EXs355 KApro Iconic Suite Solo Strings (USD $49.00)
EXs368 KApro Iconic Suite Cinematic Orchestra (USD $49.00)

Go to KORG.shop (EXs355)
Go to KORG.shop (EXs368)

Kelfar Technologies
Kelfar has released an EXs updated library which includes 83 new combinations.

EXs171 Kelfar Sha’bi
(USD $199.99)

Approximately 749MB PCM (Required approximately 119MB of virtual memory), 54 Stereo Multisamples, 114 Mono Multisamples, 138 Programs (Template), 211 Combinations
EXs171 Kelfar Sha'bi is a sound library, offering a selection of Sha'bi dance oriental sounds created with physical modeling technology and engineered collaboratively by Mr. Majdi Tamim, Mr. Shawkat Alghabra and Kelfar Technologies.

Kid Nepro
Kid Nepro has released three KRS updated libraries which follow functions for NAUTILUS.


KRS81 Kid Nepro Sonix Bliss
(USD $39.00)

64 Programs, 32 Combinations
This title is perfect for producers and keyboard players looking for some great classic FM-style synth sounds to add to their Kronos/Nautilus.

KRS83 Kid Nepro Analog Sensation
(USD $39.00)

64 Programs, 32 Combinations
Analog Sensation includes a sonically rich and varied palette of diverse sounds that will make your tracks rock. Programs feature new basses, leads, pads, strings and a wide mix of new synth & rhythmic sounds using the powerful Kronos step sequencer / Nautilus Dual ARPs.

KRS84 Kid Nepro EXi Super Synths
(USD $39.00)

64 Programs, 32 Combinations
KRS-84 - EXi Super Synths combines four Kronos/Nautilus synth engines to create an amazing mix of classic and modern synth sounds.

#Ongoing conversion of KRONOS Sound Libraries for the NAUTILUS

Additionally, 86 titles are available for the NAUTILUS - with more coming soon! KORG plans to convert most of the remaining KRONOS Sound Libraries for the NAUTILUS by the end of March 2022. To keep updated on our progress, check out the "NAUTILUS Sound Library List" .

Some converted libraries may also require some or all of NAUTILUS EXs315 through 320. Please refer to the "NAUTILUS Sound Library List" for full details and requirements.  

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