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Long-awaited KROSS 2 Option Libraries now available!

New sound libraries for KROSS 2 are now available for free! They include the professional-quality sounds installed in the higher-end recently released KROSS2 88 MB covering acoustic and electric pianos as well as some contemporary music sounds which will expand your world of music-making on the mighty KROSS2!

*Before installing KROSS 2 Option Libraries, your KROSS needs to be updated.
Click here to download

*We strongly recommend that you create a backup copy of any sound data that you have created/saved before installing this new data.
Click here to download

How to Install:
Please refer to page 128 of the  KROSS Operation Guide (English).


EXPCM001 (OASYS Piano)

Programs: 32, Preset PCM Memory: Approx. 90 MB (calculated as 48 kHz / 16-bit linear PCM data equivalent)
The collection of various piano sounds based on OASYS Piano. OASYS is the legendary monster synthesizer in 2005 whose reputation still stands today. Among its rich collection, OASYS Piano has been loved and used by many artists on stage and in the studio. This new library for KROSS is based on powerful OASYS piano collection inspired by some of music’s greatest hits but modified to suit contemporary tastes.

EXPCM002 (E.P. Collection)

Program: 32, Preset PCM Memory: Approx. 17MB
E.P. Mark I, which was indispensable for some of the legendary music in the 60s and 70s and still found on contemporary hits. E.P. Mark V and DYNO, used in the ballad songs in the 80s. Reed E.P., used heavily in some of the pop and rock his of the 60-70s. This collection of electric piano sounds brings back the sound and the atmosphere of these legendary electric pianos.

EXPCM004 (Future Synth Collection)

Program: 64, Preset PCM Memory: Approx. 16 MB
While music became one of the most popular music genres in EDM, even inspiring other genres such as pop, R&B and country music. This collection includes 64 programs which perfectly suit this famous genre of music.

KROSS SE (*1) is pre-installed with the same PCM and almost the same programs, and the KROSS 88 MB (*3) is pre-installed with the same PCM and programs.

*1: For customers of KROSS SE (KROSS Special Edition)
KROSS Special Editon contains the same PCM as EXPCM001, 002, 004, and almost the same programs (*2), so you do not need to install these libraries.

When loading KORG format sample data (such as .KSC or .KMP files) or converting pad samples to programs, you may feel that there is not enough free space in the expanded sample memory.

In that case, on the EX PCM page in GLOBAL mode, delete EXPCM in the expanded sample memory, and then load some of the EXPCM001, 002, 004 required to load it. You can increase the amount of free space in the sample memory (but if you load all of them, it will be almost the same as when shipped).

*2: Differences between KROSS SE and EXPCM001, 002, 004 programs
KROSS SE Program No.017 and 018 are piano and synth layer sounds, but if you replace them with EXPCM, the piano uses the EXPCM001 sample and the synth uses the EXPCM004 sample. EXPCM001 includes the same programs as Program No.017 and 018, but we replaced the layer tone with preset PCM, it will sound even without EXPCM004.

*3: For customers of KROSS 88 MB
KROSS 88 MB contains same programs and PCM as EXPCM001, 002, 004, so you do not  need to install these libraries. As with KROSS SE, please use these if you have deleted pre-installed EXPCM.

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