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KORG Gadget now offers complete support for the nanoKEY/KONTROL Studio! Gadget Le is now available. iDS-10 and iAudioGate are updated.

“KORG Gadget”, which has developed over time to become a powerful universal application, has been updated to include new features with the latest version 2.1, codename “Sunnyvale”.

New features include “KORG Native Mode” that allows MIDI assignment to be completed automatically with nanoKEY/KONTROL Studio, and “Advance Mode” that strengthens MIDI functionality. Full-fledged music production unlike anything that you’ve experienced before is now a possibility even when wireless!

“KORG Gadget Le” has now been released. To allow everyone to experience the power of KORG Gadget, a freely downloadable lite version is now available. Expanded functionality is unlocked by connecting “KORG Gadget Le” to KORG MIDI controllers such as the new microKEY or nano series.

Even more good news! We have added new features to iDS-10 and iAudioGate for the version 2.1 update. iDS-10 expands supported iOS devices and an external MIDI keyboard can now be used for performance. iAudioGate expands contents of messages for social network services, allowing for an even more enjoyable user experience.
KORG Gadget
What’s new in Version 2.1 (Codename: Sunnyvale) (-> What's New)
- Support for nanoKEY/KONTROL Studio: automatic optimal MIDI assignment after wireless connection is made, Gadget specific “KORG Native Mode” control
- Increased MIDI functionality: Advanced mode control for setting MIDI channels and devices
- Improved latency settings: Detailed settings for audio latency are now available
- Sharing with iCloud, and an improved user interface for GadgetCloud
- Fixed an error that caused a crash during remote installs
- Fixed error that prevented audio input from Dropbox
- Fixed error that caused timeout error during Gadget restore
- Fixed error that sometimes caused GadgetCloud to crash
- Fixed “order by date” error in song list display
- Other enhancements to make the program easier to use
- For more details on updates, please visit this page

KORG Gadget Le
- A free trial (lite) version of KORG Gadget
- Functions will be unlocked with the addition of a KORG MIDI Controller
  * Please see the KORG Software Bundle page for details on supported devices
  * Please see the Specifications page for a comparison of KORG Gadget features

What’s new in Version 2.1 (-> What's New)
- Supported devices now include: iPhone 5/5c, 3rd-4th generation iPads, iPad2, iPad mini
- External MIDI support: An external MIDI keyboard can now be used
  * Please see the KORG app Help Center for details on settings
- Bluetooth MIDI support: MIDI connections via Bluetooth are now supported
  * Please see the KORG app Help Center for details on settings
- Fixed bug that other applications open iDS-10 when using AudioCopy
- Fixed problem with song playback caused by pattern arrangement
- Fixed problem that prevented audio export caused by pattern arrangement
- Other minor bug fixes and improvements

iAudioGate for iPhone
What’s new in Version 2.1 (-> What's New)
- Expanded: contents of messages for social network services
- Improved: added the file format and sample rate information to “Now Playing” message*
  * automatically add during Hi-Res format playback
- Fixed: did not proceed correctly to the next song during background playback
- Fixed: a crash occurred when a song with large size artwork was selected in the Hi-Res songlist
- Added: Link to “Contact support” in the settings
- Other minor bugs and improvements
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