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SEGA, TAITO, KORG : A major update of KORG Gadget 2 with 3 new gadgets.

A new KORG Gadget 2 update has come with 3 new gadgets! Otorii and Ebina, the long-awaited future-retro sound modules created in collaboration with Sega and Taito, and Warszawa*2, the powerful wavetable synthesizer developed from the core of the ELECTRIBE Wave. All are now available in all KORG Gadget 2 series.

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Do you want to know the details of these three gadgets? Go to the next chapter.

*1 Otorii and Ebina for iOS are available as in-app purchase content.
*2 Warszawa for iOS is available only for ELECTRIBE Wave customers.

Announcing KORG Gadget for Mac 2.5 | Plugins 2.5 | for iOS 4.5


Sega Games Co., Ltd.
Sega Interactive Co., Ltd.

We are proud to announce our collaboration with Sega. With a focus on games like OutRun and After Burner that achieved popularity in the 80’s, we have sampled original equipment to create a library of drum sounds and SFX. From the logo to the interface design, this distinctive rhythm gadget is a nostalgic homage to the Genesis.

Sound effects and drum noises recorded from popular 80s games

Drums, sound effects and voice recordings from 6 popular 80’s arcade games including titles such as ‘OutRun’ and ‘Space Harrier’, as well as ‘Rent a hero’ from Genesis. It is possible to edit the pad assignment according to your personal taste, allowing you to create your own drum kit from an assortment of samples from various titles.


Design from Genesis

The Otorii design is inspired by the 16-bit Genesis. Just like the Genesis, you can choose the game cartridge you want to play, with sound and display options to match.


TAITO Corporation / ZUNTATA

This is a synth gadget inspired by the Darius arcade cabinet and its distinctive three-screen design. Synth sounds have been recorded from arcade games such as Darius and The Ninja Warriors. Through collaboration with Taito, we reproduced FM tone generator sounds as closely as possible, successfully reproducing sounds of these legendary arcade games.


Revival of the iconic TAITO arcade sounds

Samples of the FM sound have been taken from 6 titles including Darius, Ninja Warriors, and Night Striker, and the arcade game sound has been revived as best as possible. The Detune and Delay parameters are available by layering multiple FM channels. The detune and delay that is so vital to creating Taito sound can be used easily.


Design from the Darius cabinets

The design for Ebina is based on the iconic 3 screen Darius arcade machines. The design of the sound parameters and edit screen have also been inspired by the Darius game screen. The background animation also aims to reproduce the feeling of the iconic arcade cabinets.

Sophisticated Wavetable Synthesizer

The Sophisticated Wavetable Synthesizer "ELECTRIBE Wave", capable of creating innovative and cutting-edge sounds, has been Gadgetized. Unlike a PCM synth, a wavetable synthesizer allows you to repeatedly play fragments of short waveforms and change the waveform position during playback. By combining a wavetable oscillator with a powerful filter and two modulation units, you can create a variety of sounds.

The wavetable sound source that forms the core of the ELECTRIBE Wave

ELECTRIBE Wave has a powerful wavetable sound source that supports cutting-edge dance music such as EDM, Future Bass, and Trap. By simply adjusting the selected parameters, you can easily create edgy sounds with rich harmonics that can not be obtained with PCM synths and analog modeling. By moving the wavetable POSITION with automation, it is also possible to make angular changes while playing.

KORG music apps & software
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A special summer sale, where KORG music creation application and software will be up to 50% off. The sale until 2019/8/31 (Saturday). This is a great chance to get your some deals including in-app purchase content, such as newly added gadgets on at a great price.

KORG Gadget 2 for iOS
Version 4.5.0 New Features
•Added "Otorii" gadget that collaborated with SEGA*1.
•Added "Ebina" gadget that collaborated with TAITO*1.
•Added "Warszawa" gadget, work with ELECTRIBE Wave*2.
•Other improvements and bug-fixes.

*1 KORG Gadget 2 for iOS is provided as in-app purchase content.
*2 Warszawa for iOS is available only for ELECTRIBE Wave customers.


KORG Gadget 2 for Mac
Version 2.5.0 New Features
•Added "Otorii" gadget that collaborated with SEGA.
•Added "Ebina" gadget that collaborated with TAITO.
•Added "Warszawa" gadget, work with ELECTRIBE Wave.
•Other improvements and bug-fixes.

KORG Gadget 2 Plugins for Mac/PC
Version 2.5.0 New Features
•Added Wave Sequence gadget "Milpitas".
•Added "Ebina" gadget that collaborated with TAITO.
•Added "Warszawa" gadget, work with ELECTRIBE Wave.
•Other improvements and bug-fixes.

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