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Updates - Pa4X, Pa4X Oriental Operating system software v3.1.0 is now available!

New functions of OS Version 3.1.0

The following functions are added by upgrading to the new version of the operating system.

User Interface
- Proportional progress bar

Protected Resources
- Information about protected resources have been made more detailed

Sound Sets
- Keyboard Sets can now be copied to multiple SongBook Entries

Chord Sequencer
- Chord Sequences can now drive the Harmony voices

- Active Entries are now shown with a vertical red line
- Multiple selections of SongBook Entries

Master Transpose
- Master Transpose indicator now is shown in the Score page
- Master Transpose now applied to the Lyrics and Score pages

- Sample Select window modified
- Accelerated scrolling in the Sample Select window
- MultiSample Select window modified
- New ‘Delete MultiSample > Not assigned to any Sound (+Sample/ DrumSamples)’ option

File Management
- Automatic memory cleaning when a Load operation including User Samples is interrupted
- Automatic file deletion when a Save operation is interrupted
- Removing ‘ghost’ samples

Download Pa4X Operating System version 3.1 here
Download Pa4X ORIENTAL Operating System version 3.1 here
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