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Actualización - Pa4X Sistema Operativo software v1.1.0

(1) Pa4X Operating System Version 1.1.0 is now available. With this 1.1.0  update we have added some functions as follows:

Style Element Scale
- The Style Element’s Scale can now only be a User scale.
- The re-tune Style / Chord Follow function has been added to let you automatically or manually re-tune the Style Element’s Scale.
MIDI Songs can be imported without initializing the current settings.
Sound / Drum Kit editing
- When editing a Sound or Drum Kit, volume levels are expressed in decibels (dB) with a resolution of 0.1 dB.
- A new "Dry+Amb" (Dry and Ambient sound) menu has been added to all the Sound Edit > DrumKit section pages.
- A Level parameter has been added to the Sound > DrumKit > Voice Mixer page.
- A new "Velocity Switch Levels" page has been added to the Drum Kit Edit mode to help you mix the Drum Kit layers.
The "Early Reflections Hi Dens" FX can now only be assigned to the MFX A2/3 or B2 effect processors.
Date and Time:
Date and time are now assigned to each single musical resource (individual Sounds and individual Styles).
New shortcuts have been added.

Download Pa4X Operating System version 1.1.0 here

(2) Bonusware two new style volumes are now available.

- Styles vol. 23 - Blues Collection (12 styles)
   Compatibility: Pa300, Pa600/pa600QT, Pa900/Pa3X Le, Pa3X, HAVIAN30, Pa4X
- Style vol. 24 - Pop (8 styles)
   Compatibility: Pa4X

 Download the new styles here
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