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Version 4 of KORG Module is now available, with a new Hybrid Digital Synthesizer and AUv3 support. Limited Time Sale!

The KORG Module series of iOS apps are equipped with a professional-grade sound library and can be used in the studio, for music lessons and when working live. With this major upgrade, KORG Module Pro and KORG Module now add a hybrid digital synthesizer and the much-anticipated support for AUv3. Both KORG Module Pro and KORG Module can be updated to version 4 for free.

The "Hybrid Synth Pack 2" and "Cinematic" expansion sound packs are now available for the new sound module, each with 30 additional programs. We're also offering a free trial that lets you try out each expansion sound library for a week before you buy.

In addition, the new synth module can be used as the Fairbanks gadget in KORG Gadget 2. With the addition of AUv3 support, it can be used not only with KORG Gadget 2, but also with third-party iOS music production apps like Apple Garageband. Enjoy the wonderful sounds of the KORG Module!

KORG Module Pro v4: New Features

The new synth module "Hybrid"

Hybrid is built on a brand new engine that allows you to create a wide variety of rich and powerful sounds ranging from warm analog sounds to sharp synth leads to shimmering FM sounds - even tempo-synced sequences. Each sound has the optimal parameters selected on the interface so you can quickly adjust to suit your preferences.

Expansion Sound Pack

There are also two sound packs available to add to Hybrid's sound variety. These are offered as in-app purchases.

Hybrid Synth Pack 2

We've explored the sonic possibilities of this new hybrid digital synthesizer even further to bring you leads, pads, bells, basses, rhythmic sounds and more - all of which make the most of the new engine's capabilities in this ready-to-use sound pack.


This SFX sound pack, made with our new hybrid digital synthesizer, provides epic soundscapes the likes of which have never been heard in KORG Module. You will find drones, impacts and sequences that are perfect for cinematic and ambient projects.

Long-awaited AUv3 support

KORG Module is now compatible with AUv3 and can be used not only within KORG Gadget 2, but also using other iOS music production apps such as Apple Garageband.

KORG Module Pro
Version 4 New Features

- Hybrid digital synthesizer "Hybrid" module is added.
- "Hybrid Synth Pack 2" and "Cinematic" sound packs for Hybrid module are added.
- AUv3 is now supported. Now you can use Module in other iOS music production apps.
- The "Fairbanks" gadget is now available in conjunction with KORG Gadget 2.
- Added: a free trial feature for the Expansion Sound Libraries.
- Various other tweaks have been made to improve stability.


KORG Module
Version 4 New Features

- Hybrid Digital Synthesizer "Hybrid" module is added. *1
- "Hybrid Synth Pack 2" and "Cinematic" sound packs for the Hybrid module are added.
- AUv3 now supported. It can now be used with other iOS music production apps.
- The "Fairbanks" gadget can now be used in conjunction with KORG Gadget 2. *2
- Added a free trial feature for the expansion sound libraries.
- KORG Gadget 2 users can now unlock the free functions from Module. *3
- In addition, various changes to improve stability.

*1 All programs are available only when you purchase the Essential Library.
*2 Available only when purchasing Essential Library and unlocking functions.
*3 All 6 KORG Module free sound modules (only 1 program each of E.Piano, Clav, Organ, Synth and Hybrid) will be unlocked.


To celebrate this update, we are offering a limited time sale with up to 50% off. This is a great opportunity to get the KORG Module series for a great price, including in-app purchases. The sale will last until October 29, 2020. Don't miss out on this opportunity!

Sale Period
- October 13 (Tuesday), 2020 - October 29 (Thursday), 2020

Target Product
- KORG Module series* (includes in-app purchases)
* Price of the IOS app will vary by the country of purchase.

KORG Module series

  • KORG Module Pro

    KORG Module Pro
    Special Price US$19.99

  • Cinematic

    Special Price US$3.99

  • Hybrid Synth Pack 2

    Hybrid Synth Pack 2
    Special Price US$3.99

  • KApro Monumental Choir Dreams

    KApro - Monumental Choir Dreams
    Special Price US$9.99

  • Module Performance Expansion

    Module Performance Expansion
    Special Price US$19.99

  • Organ & Clav Collection

    Organ & Clav Collection
    Special Price US$9.99

  • Ivory Mobile American D

    Ivory Mobile American D
    Special Price US$19.99

  • Scarbee Classic EP-88M

    Scarbee Classic EP-88M
    Special Price US$9.99

  • KApro Orchestral Dreams

    KApro Orchestral Dreams
    Special Price US$9.99

  • KApro Dreamy Synths

    KApro Dreamy Synths
    Special Price US$9.99

  • 80s Electric Piano

    80s Electric Piano
    Special Price US$9.99

  • Mellow Tape Keyboard

    Mellow Tape Keyboard
    Special Price US$4.99

  • TRITON Best Selection

    TRITON Best Selection
    Special Price US$9.99

  • Ivory Mobile Grand

    Ivory Mobile Grand
    Special Price US$14.99

  • Wurley Electric Piano

    Wurley Electric Piano
    Special Price US$4.99

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