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Eleven new titles are available for KRONOS Sound Libraries

Ten titles from KApro and one title from Kelfar Technologies, including two bundled packs, are now available for download purchase.

Kurt Ader: founder and sound designer of KARO Sound Development, recently established his own company, KApro ("Kurt Ader Productions"). Kurt has been working very closely with Prof. Dr. Peter Jung and has now begun offering high-quality sound libraries for the KORG KRONOS.

These price are special price, which is valid till August 31st, 2014.

  • EXs72 KApro Modular Dreams: $149

  • EXs73 KApro Analog Dreams: $149

  • EXs74 KApro Digital Dreams 1: $129

  • EXs75 KApro Italian Grand: $199

  • EXs76 Platinum Stack Grand: $99

  • EXs77 Granular Dreams 1: $129

  • KRS-70 KApro Most Wanted: $19

  • KRS-71 KApro KApro Classic Tonewheels V2: $49

  • KRS-72 KApro MOD-7 Dream : $49

  • KRS-73 KApro Transistor Organs: $19

Kelfar Technologies' KRS-95 Moda sound library offers keyboard musicians an unprecedented array of Middle Eastern sounds to recreate popular Sha'abi dance music and other musical styles. This new library includes plucked instruments, woodwinds, bowed strings and ensemble instruments. In addition, this library is included in the “Bundled pack”.

  • KRS-95 Kelfar Moda: $100

  • Kelfar Bundle Pack #1: $300 (EXs95 Melodia + KRS-95 Moda)

  • Kelfar Bundle Pack #2: $430 (EXs95 Melodia + KRS-95 Moda + KRS-96 Sofia)

All of the titles listed above are now available for download purchase on shop.korg.com

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