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New KRONOS Sound Libraries: There are six new libraries from Purgatory Creek Soundware including four collaborations with Acousticsamples, one from Kelfar Technologies, and one from KApro.

Purgatory Creek Soundware has just released six new libraries, including four collaborations with Acousticsamples.

- EXs149 Acousticsamples A-Pian
- EXs150 Acousticsamples B-Pian
- EXs151 Acousticsamples AkousKontr Bass
- EXs152 Acousticsamples VibsyM
- EXs153 Purgatory Creek Pianet N
- EXs154 Purgatory Creek Sparkletop

Acousticsamples is world renowned for their beautiful, highly detaile software-based sample libraries. Now, Purgatory Creek Soundware has teamed with Acousticsamples to provide a selection of their extensive product line in KORG KRONOS format.


Kelfar Technologies has just released one EXs sample library. KApro has just released one KRS sound library.

- EXs171 Kelfar Sha’bi (infectious Arabic dance music from the streets of the Middle East)

- KRS-30 KApro Incredible FM
All are available immediately for download and purchase.
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