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Make Music in Virtual Reality with the Full Release of KORG Gadget VR, a Futuristic Music Production Studio Space. Available Now!

KORG Gadget VR, originally released only as early access software in July 2023, features six carefully selected gadgets, each positioned in 360 degrees around the user, allowing for a sense of immersion unlike anything before. Users can manipulate these gadgets as if they were physically present, experiencing a new level of immersion. This futuristic DAW introduces a different sensation from what most people have ever experienced.

The Full Release of KORG Gadget VR, which adds 10 distinctive gadgets familiar from the iOS, Mac, Plugins and Nintendo Switch, bringing the total to 16 gadgets. Based on feedback from users, the VR functionality has been enhanced and powered up for an even better user experience. Enjoy a realistic design tailored specifically for Gadget VR, and explore your own personalized music production studio in the VR space.

KORG Gadget for VR was jointly developed with DETUNE Ltd and is sold by DETUNE Ltd.

KORG Gadget VR available now

KORG Gadget VR is available at the following stores.
* Supported VR headsets are Meta Quest 3/ 2 / Pro (as of 2024/05/09)

  • KORG Gadget VR | Steam Store

    KORG Gadget VR | Steam Store

  • KORG Gadget VR | App Lab

    KORG Gadget VR | App Lab


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