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NAUTILUS/KRONOS Sound Libraries: New/Update libraries from KORG and Kelfar Technologies

KORG has released 1 new KRS library for NAUTILUS/KRONOS.


KRS11 Christmas - 2023
(USD $10.00)

16 Programs, 14 Combinations, 1 Drum Kits, 2 Wave Sequences
KRS11 focuses on the sounds and music of Christmas. It includes hymns, Church music, music and sounds related to Santa Claus, Christmas festivities and parties, all of which help to create some of atmosphere we associate with Christmas.

Kelfar Technologies
Kelfar Technologies has released 2 updated EXs libraries for NAUTILUS/KRONOS.


EXs171 Kelfar Sha’bi
(USD $199.99)

Approximately 749MB PCM (Required approximately 119MB of virtual memory), 54 Stereo Multisamples, 114 Mono Multisamples, 227 Programs (Template), 247 Combinations
EXs171 Kelfar Sha'bi is a sound library, offering a selection of Sha'bi dance oriental sounds created with physical modeling technology and engineered collaboratively by Mr. Majdi Tamim, Mr. Shawkat Alghabra and Kelfar Technologies.

EXs172 & EXs173 Kelfar Kithara
(USD $199.99)

Approximately 3.3GB PCM (Requires approximately 197MB of virtual memory), 208 Mono Multisamples, 128 Programs, 32 Combinations, 72 Wave Sequences, 2 volumes in total.
EXs172 & 173 Kelfar Kithara for Korg NAUTILUS/KRONOS faithfully reproduces vintage electric guitars from 1962 - 1980, mapping each nuance, note, and variance for clean articulations and expressive dynamics. EXs172 provides Clean and Jazz Guitars. EXs173 offers Jazz and Distortion Guitars.

#Conversion of KRONOS Sound Libraries for the NAUTILUS

Some converted libraries may also require some or all of NAUTILUS EXs315 through 320. Please refer to the " NAUTILUS Sound Library List" for full details and requirements.

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