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Updates - drumlogue System Updater v1.1.0 is now available!

KORG is pleased to announce an important update for drumlogue, bringing added functionality to this popular hybrid drum machine!

- Added solo function with latch
- Added possibility to latch into mute mode
- Added possibility to latch into shift mode
- Added display of program/kit original value
- Added new parameters to Nano user synth
- Added chromatic MIDI recording capability
- Fixes to routing of MIDI pitch bend, channel pressure, and poly key pressure messages
- Fix for rare OLED flicker issue
- Fix for cases where the power button must be pressed a long time during startup
- Various other improvements and bug fixes

System Requirements
PC: Windows 10 20H2 or later(32bit, 64bit)
Mac: macOS 10.15 Catalina or later

How to Update
Important: After the update programs and drum kits will be automatically migrated to a new format. Before updating make sure to backup all of your programs and kits so that you retain the ability to revert to an older system version in the future.
  1. Download the "drumlogue_system_update_v1_1_0.zip" archive on the computer and unzip it.
  2. Connect the drumlogue's [TO HOST] connector to the computer using a USB cable.
  3. Turn on the power of the drumlogue while holding the [▶] and [SHIFT] buttons.
  4. When the drumlogue's OLED displays "WAITING FOR UPDATE FILE...", a USB mass storage device named "UPDATE" will be mounted on the computer.
  5. Copy the "drumlogue_system_update_v1_1_0.bin" file extracted in step 1 to the "UPDATE" device, and wait for the copy process to be completed.
  6. Eject/unmount the "UPDATE" device, and press the [< / YES] button on the drumlogue.
  7. Wait until the update process is completed. DO NOT TURN OFF POWER UNTIL PROMPTED TO.
    Note: When updating the panel firmware the OLED display will go dark for about 20 seconds, this is normal.
  8. When the OLED displays "COMPLETE: PLEASE REBOOT" the update process is complete and it is now safe to turn off the power.
Note: The next time the drumlogue is turned on, programs and drum kits that need to be migrated to a new format will be automatically converted, and thus start-up will take longer than usual.

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