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KORG Gadget version 2 out now with iPhone/iPad Pro support and major updates for iDS-10, Module, iAudioGate.

Korg announces “KORG Gadget version 2“, the highly anticipated new version of the best selling, award winning* mobile music creation application. This latest version of Gadget now becomes a universal app with iPhone / iPad Pro native support. Gadget makes music everywhere, and features a multitude of improvements and new functions. It's the ultimate all-in-one music production studio app that is easy, enjoyable and designed to inspire.

*Apple Store Best of 2014 (Japan), Music Tech Gold Award and more!

KORG Gadget - Introduction Movie

We are also proud to announce major new updates of iDS-10, Module for iPad and iAudioGate all with new, powerful and exciting features.
KORG Gadget
What’s new in Version 2.0 (Codename: Mountain View) (-> What's New)
- iPad Pro support: Stunningly powerful music production
- iPhone support: Make tracks wherever you are (iPhone 6 recommend)
- Universal support: A single purchase provides support for iPad/iPhone/iPad Pro
- iCloud synchronization: Keep up to date by sharing song data between devices
- Insert effects: EQ and compressor added to each track of the mixer
- Arpeggiator: Provided on all keyboard-type gadgets
- Chord trigger: Provided on all polyphonic keyboard-type gadgets
- Sequencer enhanced, with Undo/Redo function added
- Sequencer enhanced, with zooming using pinch gesture added
- Sequencer enhanced, with one-finger scroll mode (switching in the settings)
- Numerous improvements made for enhanced ease of use
- Click here for more details about changes

What’s new in Version 2.0 (-> What's New)
- iPad support: Now goes universal app with support for iPhone and iPad
- Audio Export: SoundCloud, AudioCopy, Dropbox and iTunes File Sharing support
- PLUS mode that brings massive expansion (In-app purchase): double the number of synthesizers (from 2 to 4) and Voice Synths (from 1 to 2). Also, sound edit during song playback and a 12 track sequencer give you higher levels of music creation and performance
- Other minor bug fixes and improvements

KORG Module for iPad
What’s new in Version 2.0 (-> What's New)
- "TRITON Best Selection" is newly available in the Expansion Sound Library (In-app purchase)
- Master tune - professional tuning range from 420 Hz to 460 Hz.
- Now supports Pitch Bend and Modulation control
- Other minor bug fixes and improvements

iAudioGate for iPhone
What’s new in Version 2.0 (-> What's New)
- Gapless Playback
- Added: Deleting each album in the HiRes song list
- Improved: Speed-up playback start time after selecting song in iPod Library
- Improved: Speed-up scrolling through the iPod library
- Fixed: Scroll went to incorrect position in the song list
- Fixed: Output of the built-in speaker after disconnecting headphones
- Added: Link to “Help Center” in the settings
- Other minor bugs and improvements

iKaossilator for iPhone and iPad
What’s new in Version 3.1.2
- Bug fixes

Special Offer to celebrate the release of KORG Gadget version 2!

Sale Period
Feb 16, 2016 - Feb 23, 2016

Targeted Products
- KORG Gadget
- KORG Module for iPad
- KORG iDS-10
- iAudioGate for iPhone

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