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DEVELOPERS ALERT! volca sample SDK release!

Developers can now build their own data input tool for the volca sample using the software development kit (SDK).

The volca sample is a powerful sample sequencer that includes a set of preloaded sound samples designed by KORG. Previously you needed our iOS app if you wanted to use your own samples but now, with the KORG SYRO library included in the SDK, you can create your own tools with the interface that you design for your platform. Not only will this library unleash the potential to load samples and sequences, it will empower you to combine this code with other features you have made.

Auto-slice a song to generate a sample set?
Turn photos of patterns into sequences?
Algorithmic music generator?
Generate random sequence from quantum effects?

The choice is yours. Your creativity and coding skills are the limit.

The best part is, it’s not just for developers. Any tool created by the community will be shared, so everyone benefits.

Access our GitHub page here:
What is the KORG SYRO library?

The library is a set of code written in C that contains the algorithms necessary to convert data into a stream of audio that the volca sample can recognize. The following can be performed by the resulting audio:

- program the internal sample memory of your volca sample
- program the sequence memory of your volca sample
- delete samples in your volca sample

By using this library, developers can build their own tools on a platform of their choice - be it Mac, Windows, Linux or Android. In fact our iOS app “AudioPocket for volca sample” was built using this library.

What is GitHub?

GitHub is a web based software collaboration platform with a community of 7.4 million users. The community can manage software projects by sharing and collaborating with developers from all over the world. KORG has been using GitHub for some years now, but this is the first time that a project is going public. In doing so, we encourage developers around the world to collaborate and share their best ideas on how the KORG SYRO library can be used.

We look forward to the ideas that you will develop!


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