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KRONOS Sound Libraries: New Title/Updates, and New Pricing!


  • [New] Revolutionary Dimensional Cello: $49

  • [New] Famous 12Bit Kult Sampler Vol. 1: $49

  • [New] Famous 12Bit Kult Sampler Vol. 2: $99

  • [New] Giant Evolve Drones: $99

  • [Update] Istanbul Strings: $249

  • [New Price] EXs31 Mozart Grand: $99->$49

  • [New Price] EXs33 Rock & Pop Grand 2: $99->$49

  • [New Price] EXs34 Rock & Pop Grand 3: $99->$49

  • [New Price] EXs70 Chopin Grand: $99->$49

  • [New] Obey X-Dreams: $49

KApro has just released five new EXs sample libraries for KRONOS. KApro has also updated the their EXs118 sample libraries. This update adds new programs and multi-samples. To update a previous installation, simply download the new EXs data and re-install as you would normally. Existing authorization codes will continue to be valid.

Please visit here for download.

Sounds of Planet

  • [New] Protein No. 1: $99

  • [New] Earth: $99

  • [New] Ocean Pads: $49

  • [New] Neo-Endorphin: $25

  • [New] Electronic-Natural: $28

  • [New] Atoms: $29

  • [New] ENNE: $45

We are happy to announce the addition of a new sound developer - Sounds of Planet - to the KRONOS family with the release of three EXs libraries, three KRS professional sound libraries and one bundle package.

Please visit here for download.

* Sounds of Planet started in 2012. The multi-instrumentalist founder and owner - Grzegorz Marciak – has been around for many years as both a producer and sound designer. They aim to create high quality unique sounds using cutting-edge sampling technologies and their KRONOS sound libraries are the fruits of these efforts. Another important area of their activities is the production of combinations for the KRONOS. You can find out more about the company here:


  • [New Price] EXs54 Granular Atmospheres: $149->$99

  • [New Price] EXs55 Movie Collection: $149->$99

  • [New Price] EXs58 Tape Instruments II: $149->$99

  • [New Price] EXs62 Pro Solosynth: $129->$99

  • [New Price] EXs69 Auf geht`s Buam: $249->$99

  • [New Price] KRS-51 Spinet Organs: $129->$99

KARO has developed a stunning number of well-received sound libraries for the KRONOS. Today, KARO is pleased to announce new pricing for their some titles.

Please visit here for download.

All are available immediately for download and purchase.
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