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New KRONOS Sound Libraries: four new libraries from Q Up Arts, one new library from KApro.

We are happy to announce the addition of a new sound developer - Q Up Arts - to the KRONOS family with the release of four EXs libraries.

  • EXs230

  • EXs231

  • EXs232

  • EXs233

Q Up Arts titles:

EXs230 Voices of Native America volume 1 :$99

EXs231 Voices of Native America volume 2 :$99

EXs232 Voices of the Aztecs :$99

EXs233 Voices of Istanbul :$99

Bundle pack:

EXs230, 231, 232 and 233 Bundle Pack: $299 ($396)

(The introductory price is only available until 11:59pm August 18th 2017, US EST - Eastern Standard Time)

Q Up Arts was established in Santa Cruz, California in 1993 by Douglas Morton.
Douglas was previously VP of Sound Development for Silicon Valley based Optical Media International (OMI), the originators of the cd.rom connectivity for hardware samplers and published the first cd.roms of sound libraries, the Universe of Sounds. Before OMI, Douglas produced sample content for E-Mu Systems for the Emulator II/III, Emax 1/11, the Drumulator and SP12/1200 drum machines. The mission and dream of Q Up Arts is to inspire and enrich musicians with superior sounds enabling them to create enduring and amazing music.

KApro has just released one new KRS library for KRONOS.

  • KRS-33

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