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KRONOS System Version 3.0 for current KRONOS users


In conjunction with the release of KRONOS 2, KRONOS System Version 3.0 will be available for all the current KRONOS and KRONOS X users in early December 2014. This system can be downloaded free of charge and allows nearly all the functionality* of the new KRONOS, including the SGX-2 premium piano sound engine and the new set list screen. 

* PCM data for the Berlin Piano is expected to be released in late January (price TBD)



EXs 19 KApro Private Collection, which is offered as a free download for KRONOS 2 customers, will be available early December for download from Korg.com for owners of KRONOS and KRONOS X at an introductory price of $49 through December 31, 2014 (usually $99).

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