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We are happy to announce that KORG will attend Superbooth 2024, where we will be showing some of our newest products and some exciting prototypes as well.

Please come by and say hello!

KORG Booth details here (E100)

KORG Berlin Booth details here (Z440)

About Superbooth:

Superbooth is the world’s largest trade fair and festival for electronic musical instruments. Its latest edition, Superbooth 2024, is happening from the 16th to the 18th of May 2024 at FEZ-Berlin in Berlin, Germany.

As a “trade fair with the spirit of a festival”, the Superbooth presents the latest products and technical developments in the realm of synthesizers and studio technology with over 250 exhibitors from all over the world, while also offering a comprehensive cultural program that celebrates the culture and joy of electronic music-making.

New products

These recently announced products among many others will be displayed at the KORG Booth.

minilogue xd Inverted

The minilogue xd analog synthesizer, with its true analog circuitry, digital multi-engine and effects combine to help create an extraordinary range of sound , and is now available in a new, limited-edition model with inverted keyboard colors.

ST1K - Synthesizer Tuner

The ST1K is a synthesizer-focused tuner that merges Korg’s legendary experience in tuner technology with a deep understanding of the characteristics of analog and modular synthesis. Designed with the unique needs of analog and modular synth players in mind, the ST1K is compact, precise, and offers high visibility, ensuring your synth is accurately tuned the way you want every time.

Prototypes at Superbooth 2024

Discover the future of music with exclusive product prototypes showcased at the KORG and KORG Berlin Booths during Superbooth 2024!


One of the rarest and most coveted synthesizers in music history, the KORG PS-3300, is making a comeback. The PS-3300 is a full scale reissue of the original KORG PS-3300, a legendary and ultra rare synthesizer designed by legendary Korg engineer Fumio Mieda and produced by KORG in very limited numbers from 1977 to 1981 (only 50 units made, very few remain to this day).

Following the PS-3300 reveal at the NAMM Show 2024, we were flooded with inquiries and requests, igniting a wave of anticipation beyond our expectations. We initially announced that the PS-3300 would be available as made-to-order, promising enthusiasts a piece of musical magic tailored to their desires.

However, as we delved deeper into the complexities of production, in order to ensure the highest standards of quality and production efficiency we took the decision to pivot and make the PS-3300 as a meticulously crafted limited production run.

We are working hard to deliver this iconic synthesizer at the end of 2024, stay tuned for more information!

Displayed at: Superbooth 2024 KORG Booth (E100)

KORG Collection 5

Scheduled for release in early summer 2024.

Magical synth sounds, authentically re-created by KORG. The Synthesizer Collection for the ages.

• Three new instruments added: EP-1, VOX Super Continental and ARP 2600.
• At Superbooth 2024, we're previewing the KC ARP 2600: true to the original sound and character, with thoughtful modifications and additions.

We spent months understanding every detail of the original and modern schematics, studying manuals, testing with oscilloscopes, and most importantly listening. This is the only ARP 2600 plug-in that can faithfully recreate all 100 sounds in the original 2600 Patch Book. Extensive anti-aliasing techniques deliver truly premium audio quality. KC ARP 2600 adds both classic modifications and entirely new modules, while preserving the distinctive character and design philosophy of the original instrument.

Displayed at: Superbooth 2024 KORG Booth (E100)

Acoustic Synthesis_phase8

Acoustic Synthesis_phase8 is KORG Berlin’s latest development prototype that showcases the new Acoustic Synthesis technology.

What is Acoustic Synthesis_phase8

- It’s an acoustic instrument that is part melodic synthesizer, part drum machine
- 8 independent electromechanical voices
- Sequencer with polyrhythmic shifting Waveshaping, Tremolo and EG control
- Replaceable and tunable resonators
- Mechanical sound shaping possibilities

What is Acoustic Synthesis?

Acoustic Synthesis unites the sonic richness of real physically vibrating bodies with electronic control.

Why is it special?

Think the strings of a guitar, keys of a xylophone or the air in a flute; embedded into electronic synthesis. Our efforts merge the physical world with electronics to make instruments that act and feel alive.

Displayed at: Superbooth 2024 KORG Berlin Booth (Z440)

More information about KORG Berlin here
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