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Updates - KORG iDS-10、KORG Module Le、iAudioGate and Lyrics for MIKU STOMP

We are happy to announce updates for KORG iDS-10, KORG Module Le, iAudioGate and Lyrics for MIKU STOMP which contain new features, stability improvements and bug fixes. Please update your apps with the new versions.

KORG iDS-10 for iPhone version 1.1.0
- Supported Audiobus and Inter-App Audio
- Supported Bluetooth headphones
- Bug fixes and improvements
- Improved electricity usage
- Other improvements have been made to enhance stability
- Improved: now supports “Resume Playback”
- Improved: added the sample rate iist on the “More” tab in the Hi-Res songlist
- Improved: now displays the file format in the songlist
- Fixed: occasional problems after receiving a phone call
- Fixed: the metadata was not updating correctly when updating Hi-Res library
- Other minor bugs fixes and improvements


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