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"Halloween" : A New Expansion Sound Pack with PCM for KORG Module - Hybrid is now available.

KORG Module is a high-quality virtual instrument app for iOS featuring a professional sound library that includes a stunning, high quality piano and a wide range of keyboard sound engines. The latest version is now available with a new expansion sound pack, "Halloween".

This update adds PCM playback to the Hybrid Digital Synthesizer. Along with the warm analog and sparkling FM sounds you already know in Module, it is now possible to create an even wider range of sounds. "Halloween" is the first sound pack to take advantage of Hybrid’s increased potential.

You can use the expansion pack sounds in the Fairbanks gadget in KORG Gadget 2 and as an AUv3 plugin in DAW software like GarageBand to add more variety to your music production. Enjoy a free seven day trial of “Halloween”. The free trial is available from the Module series "Store" page.


Creeping dread coming from mysterious sounds that emerge from the darkness - the feeling of Halloween comes to life with this great sound pack! Create "horror sounds and atmosphere" with 30 new programs including chords and note data, SFX, and 20 new PCM files. There are scratchy strings, trembling choirs, and low and wide modulation sounds that are perfect for brewing up creepy and bizarre ambience in your intros and breaks, or leaving your listeners feeling uneasy after hearing sounds with abrupt endings. Elevate even the poppiest songs with a fun and spooky horror sound character.


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