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KORG Collection and opsix native Update.

We are proud to announce the release of updates for our plugin software, KORG Collection 4 and opsix native. We have added new sounds to microKORG and Kaoss Pad, and for opsix native we have added a sound import feature for programs designed for the YAMAHA DX7 So you can take a DX7 SYSEX file and opsix native will convert the programs in that file to make them playable also in the opsix. Please see below for details.

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With these new versions, we have also updated the playlist of KORG Collection sound previews. Check out the brand new demo produced by a Los Angeles and Sydney-based producer MXXWLL.

The thousands of sounds in the KORG Collection will certainly meet all your musical needs and lead to musical discoveries throughout the music world. We encourage you to enjoy just a taste of the possibilities available here:

KC - microKORG
Changes in v1.1.0

KC Expansion Bank with 64 new sounds
64 Programs created for version v1.1.0, and covering various music genres and categories, from glittering pads to a deep and profound mono bass. This bank is a guide to the further possibilities of the legendary microKORG synthesizer.

New Skin "Crystal" Added!
To commemorate the 20th anniversary of its release, Korg have made the "Crystal" microKORG. This design is available for the plugin. There are now a total of 7 skins to choose from, allowing you to enjoy microKORG in your own style.

Changes in v1.1.0

KC Expansion Bank: Addition of 40 New Sounds
We have added 40 programs that represent two important aspects of the KAOSS PAD. The first is as a basic effects processor. It adds colors to your music and sound processing using filters, delays, and much more. The second aspect is that of an SFX machine. By running the built-in oscillators through the effect processors and making full use of virtual patches, you can obtain a sound landscape that evolves in real time with touch control. We hope you enjoy the expanded possibilities of the KAOSS PAD plugin with these new additional sounds.

Added FX Depth Parameter
We have added the FX Depth parameter, present in the hardware KAOSS PAD series, to the KAOSS plugin allowing for control of the dry-wet balance of the effect from your MIDI controller. Perfect for live performance!

opsix native
Changes in v1.2.0

DX7 Sound Import Feature
We have added the ability to import SYX data from the Yamaha DX7. This was one of the most requested features from our users. By selecting a DX7 SYX file from the import menu, the bank data in the file can be converted and imported as opsix native programs. The converted programs can be used to create new sounds using the software's unique features, or processed with a sequencer, arpeggiator, and effects.

* Please note that since opsix and DX7 have different parameter configurations, the conversion is not perfect. The sound From the converted program and the opsix may differ slightly or significantly depending on the tone.

Support for MIDI 2.0 (MIDI-CI)
When connecting the Korg Keystage Poly aftertouch MIDI controller as a MIDI In/Out device, opsix native automatically starts interacting, displaying the current program name on the Keystage display, and assigning optimal parameters to the knobs on the Keystage for Immediate control. Without requiring detailed MIDI adjustments and settings, you can instantly play the software synthesizer like a hardware synthesizer.

* Please note that this feature only works in standalone mode and is not guaranteed to function when used as a plugin in a DAW.


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