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KApro releases four new and one update libraries for the Korg KRONOS

KApro has just released three new EXs sample libraries and one new KRS professional sounds library.

KApro has also updated the their EXs44 sample library. This update adds new programs and wave sequences.
To update a previous installation, simply download the new EXs data and re-install as you would normally. Existing authorization codes will continue to be valid.

- EXs25 KApro Electric Guitar - Single Coil Edition: $149
- EXs88 KApro Theatre Organ: $149
- EXs114 KApro Electronic Drums 2: $49
- KRS-76 KApro Most Wanted 2: $19

- EXs44 KApro Dynosaur 2: $99

Please visit here for purchase. (Please choose KApro section in the page.)
  • EXs25 KApro Electric Guitar - Single Coil Edition $149

  • EXs88 KApro Theatre Organ $149

  • EXs114 KApro Electronic Drums 2 $49

  • KRS-76 KApro Most Wanted 2 $19

  • EXs44 KApro Dynosaur 2 $99

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