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Ten new titles are available for KRONOS Sound Libraries

Nine titles including one bundled pack from Bolder Sounds, and one title including two bundled packs from Kid Nepro, are now available for download purchase.

Bolder Sounds roots date back to 1990 when Dennis Burns began creating sample libraries for the Akai S1000 sampler on floppy disc. Today, Bolder Sounds has a very loyal customer base and unusual catalogue that one customer described as "in the vein of such intrinsically musical yet somewhat unusual choices that you have shown to be your hallmark".

  • EXs100 Bolder American Folk:$29

  • EXs101 Bolder Early Music:$29

  • EXs102 Bolder World Music:$29

  • EXs103 Bolder Celtic Pipes:$29

  • EXs104 Bolder Granular:$29

  • EXs105 Bolder Crystals:$29

  • EXs106 Bolder Slate Rocks:$29

  • EXs107 Bolder Pianos Prepared and Pure:$29

  • EXs108 Bolder Miscellaneous Inst.:$29

  • Best Of Bolder Collection:$99 / $159

EXs 81 - Vintage Synths 2 - Kid Nepro's excellent library of sounds is now available. This is perfect for producers and keyboard players looking for some great Vintage Synth sounds to add to their KRONOS. There is the Bundled pack with 10 titles, including EXs81, and also the “Vintage Synths 1 & 2” Bundled Pack with EXs80 Vintage Synths.

  • EXs81 VINTAGE SYNTHS 2:$69


  • Vintage Synths 1 & 2 Bundle Pack:$119

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