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Available Four New K-Sounds in KRONOS Sound Libraries!

  • EXs85 K-Sounds Classical Nylon Guitar

  • EXs86 K-Sounds Signature Piano

  • EXs87 K-Sounds Epic Grand

  • KRS-85 Organimation


K-Sounds offers quality, custom-designed sounds for many different synthesizer models. We specialize in creating incredible sampled pianos and B3 organ sound sets, and we offer a spectacular sound set of brass, woodwinds, and strings as well

EXs85 K-Sounds Classical Nylon Guitar : $50.00
This beautiful library offers full-length, unlooped samples of a nylon-stringed acoustic guitar

EXs86 K-Sounds Signature Piano : $115.00
K-Sounds' Signature Piano features beautiful samples of a 7'6" Japanese grand piano.

EXs87 K-Sounds Epic Grand : $125.00
K-Sounds' Epic Grand is a stunning sample of a Japanese grand piano loved by artists and studios around the world.

KRS-85 Organimation : $40.00
A set of unique tonewheel organ programs for your Kronos

These four titles are now available for download purchase on shop.korg.com