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Introducing "70's Earthy EP" and "Hyperpop" for KORG Module. Special Introductory Sale.

KORG Module is a high-quality virtual instrument app for iOS featuring a professional sound library that includes a stunning, high quality piano and a wide range of keyboard sound engines. The latest version is now available with 2 new expansion sound packs: "70's Earthy EP" and "Hyperpop".

You can also use the expansion pack sounds in KORG Gadget 2 and as an AUv3 plugin in DAW software like Logic Pro for iPad to add more variety to your music production. Enjoy a free seven day trial before purchasing. The free trials are available in the Store page of the Module apps.

30 programs

Inside the 30 programs crafted by an experienced producer, you will find the voice samples that embody the iconic, ultra-modified vocals that Hyperpop is known for. We've included a range of high-quality, pre-processed vocal snippets, perfect for creating catchy hooks or adding an extra layer of interest to your tracks. Aggressive sub-bass/stab sounds are designed to provide the driving energy and seismic depth that are essential to this genre.

Step into the vibrant, electrifying world of Hyperpop with this sound pack. This sound pack is designed for producers who want to push the boundaries of pop music, offering an immersive palette of sounds that encapsulate the pulsating heart and soul of Hyperpop.

70's Earthy EP
17 programs, 5 variations

Included sounds in this expansion pack are the electric piano equipped with a suitcase-style speaker and amp unit first released in the early 1970s. It faithfully reproduces the realistic variations in velocity and the atmospheric key-off noise, and beautifully evokes the earthy vintage sound that thrived in genres such as rock, soul, and jazz in the early '70s.

KORG Summer Sale extended to July 31!

To celebrate the release of Module sounds expansions, we extended the KORG music apps and software : Summer Sale offering up to 50% off for most of KORG plug-ins/apps/in-app items. Sale until Monday, July 31, 2023. Don’t miss this opportunity!

Sale Period
- Thursday, July 20, 2023. – Monday, July 31, 2023.

Targeted Products
- KORG Collection series
- KORG Gadget 2 series
- opsix/wavestate/modwave native
- All KORG’s iOS / Android music apps
* For iOS/Android apps, the retail price will vary depending on the country of purchase.

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