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New KRONOS Sound Libraries: six titles and an orchestral bundle from KApro, and a free library from Bolder Sounds

KApro has just released six new EXs sample libraries: EXs44 KApro Dynosaur 2, EXs45 KApro Symphonic Dreams 2, EXs48 KApro Infected Drums, EXs49 KApro Concert Organ, EXs115 KApro Lucky Funky Keys, and EXs116 KApro Power Brass. KApro also now offers the Symphonic Dreams Bundle, combining EXs39 KApro Symphonic Dreams 1 and EXs45 KApro Symphonic Dreams 2 together at a special price. All are available immediately for download and purchase.

Bolder Sounds has also released a special title: EXs109 Bolder FREE. Hundreds of megabytes of distinctive, ear-catching sounds - and as the title says, it’s absolutely free!

  • EXs44 KApro Dynosaur 2 : $99

  • EXs45 KApro Symphonic Dreams 2 Orchestra & Strings : $249

  • EXs48 KApro Infected Drums : $29

  • EXs49 KApro Concert Organ : $199

  • EXs115 KApro Lucky Funky Keys : $99

  • EXs116 KApro Power Brass : $99

  • KApro Symphonic Bundle : $349

  • EXs109 Bolder FREE : Free!!

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