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A further evolution in expression. KORG Collection - Prophecy version 1.5 is now available with new sound programs.

KORG Collection - Prophecy, a legendary physical modeling synthesizer developed with the aim of offering freedom of expression beyond analog synthesizers and unprecedented sound creation possibilities, has evolved even further in its expressive capabilities. In version 1.5, the quirks of the hardware Prophecy can now be expressed even more precisely thanks to deeper creative input from the brilliant minds in the original Prophecy development team.

Version 1.5 also adds 180 new programs. This unique sound collection brings out the individuality of the Prophecy, ranging from fresh, software-only sounds to those that pay homage to the original Prophecy and pushes monophonic sound design to all new levels. Please enjoy the new programs created with the participation of the original Prophecy sound designers.

KORG Collection 3 - Prophecy version 1.5 update

KORG music apps & software: Summer Sale

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