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KORG Collection 4 plug-ins updated. Special Summer Sale.

KORG is pleased to announce updates to many of the plug-ins in the KORG Collection series. All of the updates are available free of charge via the latest version of KORG Software Pass ; alternatively, you can download them from your account on the KORG ID website. Please see below for details on the updates.

In addition, we have extended our Summer Sale which features up to 50% off all KORG music production apps and software! This great sale opportunity includes the KORG Collection series, KORG Gadget 2, opsix native, wavestate native, modwave native and in-app items. The Extended Summer Sale ends Monday, July 31, 2023.


Version 1.5.2 New Features

・Added support for screen size change.
・Other stability improvements.

miniKORG 700S
Version 1.1.1 New Features

・Added support for program change when using VST3.
・Fixed problem with screen size not being saved.
・Other stability improvements.



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