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NAUTILUS/KRONOS Sound Libraries: New/Update libraries from KORG and Kelfar Technologies

KORG has released 1 new KRS library for NAUTILUS.


KRS10 Halloween - 2023
(USD $10.00)

22 Programs, 8 Combinations, 16 Drum Kits
In KRS10, we imagined and created some magical Halloween sounds, especially focusing on the dark, mysterious spooky side of Halloween!

Kelfar Technologies
Kelfar Technologies has released 1 new EXs library, 1 new KRS library, and 3 updated EXs libraries for NAUTILUS/KRONOS.


EXs251 Kelfar Solo Violin
Intro Price: USD $69.99 (normally $99.99)

Approximately 163MB of PCM samples (Virtual memory 48MB), 11 Stereo Multisamples, 22 Mono Multisamples, 41 Programs, 34 Combinations
EXs251 Kelfar Solo Violin offers a set of physically modeled and hybrid sampling sounds and brings new Violin elements you have never experienced before to enhance your musical performances.
#Intro price is available until 12th November.

KRS99 Kelfar Maestro Ultimate
Intro Price: USD $59.99 (normally $99.99)

83 Programs, 64 Combinations, 32 Wave Sequences, 9 Drum Kits
KRS99 Kelfar Maestro Ultimate offers musicians an unprecedented array of classical Middle Eastern sounds to recreate popular classical/Tarab music. The new library, an upgrade edition to the existing EXs170s Maestro, includes newly designed and programmed plucked instruments, woodwinds, bowed strings, and ensemble instruments. Keyboardists can produce a vibrant blend of authentic Middle Eastern instruments for classical/Tarab and other musical styles.

You must have the EXs170 library to use the KRS99 Maestro Ultimate. Please purchase the EXs170 library from KORG Shop.
#Intro price is available until 12th November.

EXs170 Kelfar Maestro  *Update
(USD $199.99)

Approximately 1.4GB PCM (Requires approximately 128MB of virtual memory), 22 Stereo Multisamples, 118 Mono Multisamples, 40 Programs, 32 Combinations, 32 Wave Sequences, 9 Drum Kits (Phrases)
EXs170 Kelfar Maestro is a sound library that offers a selection of classical Arabic instruments to add to your Korg NAUTILUS/KRONOS.

EXs185 Kelfar Accordion Master *Update
(USD $149.99)

Approximately 261MB of PCM samples (Requires approximately 23MB of virtual memory), 12 Mono Multisamples, 26 Programs, 64 Combinations
EXs185 Kelfar Accordion Master includes the accordion sounds which has been recorded with a special middle eastern feel to maintain the original characteristic of each register. It has been chosen the most commonly used accordion registers for the middle-eastern music.

EXs189 Kelfar DynaSax *Update
(USD $99.99)

Approximately 754MB of PCM samples (Virtual memory 166MB), 13 Stereo Multisamples, 68 Mono Multisamples, 118 Programs, 64 Combis, 22 Wavesequences.
EXs189 Kelfar DynaSax offers various saxes with standard articulations and legato feature realized with cross-fade by wave sequence. Many of sounds are using round-robin technique and carefully treated the controller assignment. Surely this library brings to your NAUTILUS/KRONOS new saxophone elements to enhance your musical performances.

#Conversion of KRONOS Sound Libraries for the NAUTILUS

Some converted libraries may also require some or all of NAUTILUS EXs315 through 320. Please refer to the " NAUTILUS Sound Library List" for full details and requirements.

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