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KRONOS Sound Libraries: 3 new libraries have been released.

KApro has released 3 new EXs libraries as KApro Iconic Suite, which is the modular and a collection of easily combinable symphonic sound libraries.


EXs367 KApro Iconic Suite Supreme Cello
(USD $29.00)

Contents: 6 Programs, 16 Stereo multi samples, Approximately 378MB PCM samples (needs approximately 66MB of Virtual Memory)
Iconic Supreme Cello Suite offers a brilliant collection of high quality cellos.

EXs368 KApro Iconic Suite Cinematic Orchestra
(USD $29.00)

Contents: 21 Programs, 15 Stereo multi samples, Approximately 815MB PCM samples (needs approximately 58MB of Virtual Memory)
The Iconic Cinema Orchestra Suite offers a carefully collated complete collection of orchestral sounds ideal for movie scores.

EXs369 KApro Iconic Suite Cinematic Sound FX
(USD $29.00)

Contents: 3 Programs, 3 Stereo multi samples, Approximately 87MB PCM samples (needs approximately 7MB of Virtual Memory)
The Cinematic Sound Library offers a practical and useable set of genre-typical sound effects.

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